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July 4, 2005, 11:00 am
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I have been going crazy trying to get all of the projects done for my best friend’s wedding. I really love to help and I certainly volunteered for it all but now I’m starting to worry that I won’t be able to get it all done. Right now I am burning the CD’s of love songs that she wants to give away at the reception. I’m on maybe 15 of 150. Thankfully I was able to pass on the labels and sleeves to Jen.
The Love Birds
I finished a lot of the jewelry for the wedding but I’m really struggling with the necklace. I started this bracelet to be the necklace but, I thought it looked a little too bulky for that so I just stopped at bracelet length.
Wedding Bracelet
I used the same beads that I used for the hairpiece but so that match really well.
Evil Eye
I don’t know how to take those beads and get them to look nice for a necklace. I was rushing myself too because I wanted to get all this shit in the mail with Jess’ birthday gift. I was already a week late as it was. So I just mailed it all off and decided to really take my time with the necklace and see if I could come up with anything. Also I wanted to make sure that this is the look that she wants so I’m waiting to get some feed back from her. I also sent off these:
Bridesmaid's Earrings
The earrings for all 5 bridesmaids. Those were pretty boring to make. Lots of crystals and and wire wraps. Lastly and pretty boring is the necklace and earrings that match her rehearsal dinner dress.
I know that they are pretty simple and not to creative but that’s what she wanted. I aim to please.


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