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xmas in pictures
January 3, 2006, 2:13 pm
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my first day home, xmas eve was spent with jen. we had a great day driving around seeing funny shit…

spelling may not be a west virginian strong suit. dancing pizza on the side of the road. henri sleeps like that on his back. so cute.

we stopped for sushi…

when we ordered the love boat combo, we had no idea how huge it would be!

green tea ice cream for dessert…

it looks amazingly like wasabi, and doesn’t really taste like green tea, but was good none-the-less

that night i taught jen to knit…

she, of course is a natural. progress shots.

mama & daddy got all kinds of fun yarn for me for xmas. you’ll be seeing some completed projects eventually.

after xmas we headed up to montrose to visit my grandparents…

first pic is my mama’s parents and most of my cousins on that side – please note that i am by far the oldest but still the shortest. my dad’s mom taught josh to crochet. i told him if he mastered that, then i would teach him to knit.

i took a walk the next morning and took some pics of the winter scenery…

my cousin tina’s austrailian shepard was not happy to see me. view out my uncle alvin’s front door. a tree in a field.
a fence around one of my grandpa’s fields. some frosty weeds. the cemetary.
my grandpa’s barn. the hill behind the barn that we used to sled down. the old hen house.

on new years eve eve we all got together at mandee’s to exchange gifts and fabulouse prizes…

whenever we get together, there always seem to be animals…

henri. lucy. harley.

after that party jen and i headed to the local bar to see if we could run into any of the old peeps from high school…

we only found jon. but it was great to see him.

jen & i at the start of the evening. then a few beers. then everything started to look a little blurry.

that’s all of the pics that i have. i felt like i was constantly pulling out my camara but there are some obvious gaps in my documentation: my parents, cory, gretta, jess’s family, miss karen, new year’s eve, more of my family in montrose, etc.
it was great to see everybody.


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