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Poor little ‘nut…
March 24, 2008, 8:35 am
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Hazelnut is getting spayed today. Send her happy puppy thoughts.

Update: 03/25/08 Hazel is home and moving around a little bit today.  I think she will be back to her old self soon.  


We had a week long party.
March 21, 2008, 8:28 pm
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This week some of my most favorite people in the world came to visit. Jess, Cory, Joe, Dad, Josh, Brent and Allie. It was a kick ass time.

Mostly we sat around and watched the dogs play. Jess and Cory brought Baby Eden.

She had a lot of fun chasing the soccer ball while the boys kicked it around.

Eden discovered that its really easy to dig big holes in sand.

Sometimes, Hazel got caught in the sand spray.

We also ate some good food.

We are exhausted but so sad that everyone had to go home.

April 29, 2006, 11:30 am
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So imagine stepping out side to have a smoke when you’re half lit and almost planting your bare ass foot on this.

eeeehhh. pile of dead fish on my back patio. so mysterious AND fucking gross.

this happened after a girls night out with these folks

serious fun. i love how julia looks like she’s about 2 feet tall in this pic.

hmm what else? oh i made some stuff, obviously.

a slipcover for this magazine file

and this little teddy bear… yang was kinda afraid of it.

but mostly i’ve been working on this…which is no longer secret since the roamer has somehow managed to a. get internet access & b. find me on myspace. hey babe! hope you like the blanket!
serious afghan progress:

Bustin’ out an afghan
March 28, 2006, 9:48 pm
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The roamer sent me some yarn for valentines day. it’s acrylic so it’s not really appropriate for a sweater or anything that you would where against your skin but perfect for an afghan because you can just throw it in the dryer when the cat pukes on it.
he sent this baby blue color and some off white. after swatching it up a little i decided if i made a blanket out of it, i would end up with a gigantic baby blanket. so i picked out some complimentary colors and worked up this design using blocks from this book.

so far i have this much finished:

6 blocks – 58 to go

this book is pretty cool because you can knit any block from the book and as long as you use the same needles and yarn they will end up being the same size. so far my blocks have come out pretty close but i think i will need to block the hell out of them. anybody know how to block acrylic?

also: yang muffin peed on my brand new mattress yesterday. any suggestions for getting that out?

I’ve been busy ya’ll
March 24, 2006, 4:21 pm
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I know i haven’t shared some pics in a long ass time but my life has been nuts ya’ll. nuts. grape nuts.

i been knittin’ like a fiend…

klaralund sweater in noro silk garden. jaywalker socks in trekking xxl. and a huge as circular throw in lionbrand homespun. (muffin shown for scale.)

i finished up the lace leaf pullover…

it was hard to photograph…even with help from the muffin.
all it needs is a button

which should i use?

ok one more set of knits – i told you i was a fiend… i just got all this great yarn for xmas, and i was kinda excited, and …

i knat up this little shrug in one night! so cool. the
one-skein-wonder that actually took 2 1/2 skeins of yarn that i got at tuesday morning for 2.99 each. wool! $9 sweater! (to be fair the skeins were only 35yds each)
a great big 8″ x 5′ red scarf of cabley goodness i use 3 different red yarns held together and used the
irish hiking scarf pattern.

i’ve done some things besides knitting too. like move out of my einsie apartment and into my fly new house except maybe there were issues….

like gettin that muffin down and into the crate for the trip. actually moving all of my shit from the third floor hell-hole in my lil crv. and then unpacking it all. but hey! i got a new bedspread! and then my piece of shit closet collapsed. after 3 weeks the landlord fixed it and then yesterday i came home and found that (the pic on the right). its awesome.

i had dinner with these folks while they were down here for the disney vacay.

the roamer’s family. it was really nice to see them, i haven’t hung out with them all since i moved in ’03… it was sad though because of course it made me miss the roamer himself.

we had an 80’s suprise party for our friend jen at our new house, good times.

boozin’ it up. julia and me – you know i knitted those leg warmers myself. a bunch of slutty, drunk girls on a bed – i think maries bf called us ‘a single guy’s fantasy’

and last but not least my sweet jess came down to visit.

we took and 8 hour trip to st. pete (i really only should have taken about 3 or 4)

on the way back we stopped by to see jana, keith and the new puppy finn. the next day we went to animal kingdom to see some anymulls. then, a bird shat on jess – hilarious.

I’m at work…yep.
February 8, 2006, 4:43 pm
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hey ya’ll long time no blog. i still don’t have internet at my house. so i can’t get any of the my pics onto my blog… it’s starting to slowly chew through my patience and i’m sure i will eventually snap and do something about it. i get paid tomorrow so the possibility of that happening this weekend is fairly more plausible than anything wonderful happening tonight.

the muffins are feeling better and they say thanks to you for sending them warm wishes through telepathy and friendly emails to their mother. they are not so happy living at the new house because they are terrified of Marie’s ginormous cat, callie. last night i let them out of the bedroom and everytime they came out callie herded them back in and then ate their food. there was much growling and showing of teeth. sunday morning at 3:30 am yin-muffin puked on the newly laundered bedspread and then monday morning as i was waking up yang-muffin did the same thing on my spare newly laudered quilt. i think it’s nerves from the callie conflict.

i’m thinking that my new landlord will come and fix my closet this weekend. for three weeks i’ve had this huge pile of all of my work clothes on the floor in my room. i’ve been talking to the fix-it guy and he has been less than helpful. when i call him i am usually on the phone for about 45 minutes because he just talks and talks. last time he told me all about his sinus infection and how he woke up that morning and his whole pillow was soaked in blood from his NOSE! eeeee. i cannot bring myself to be a bitch, because i am an avoider of conflict and he thinks i’m sooo nice. he recognized my phone number as a west virginia one and told me his 2 ex-wifes were from there and i was the nicest woman from wv that he has ever met. yeah whatever.

i worked until 11:30 monday night rendering some drawings. it sucked.

Poor lil muffins.
January 24, 2006, 2:17 pm
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The muffins are getting declawed today… send them happy little muffin thoughts.