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Jen lives in my head : I live in Jen’s head
May 20, 2006, 11:33 am
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Further proof that jen and i are psychically connected…

jen’s new couch

my new couch

we bought the same couch – without discussing it. we don’t even have the same taste! 900 miles apart and we still do crazy shit like this.


after over 12 skeins of yarn adding up to more than 3600 yards of yarn, i’ve finished.

it feels great. it wasn’t hard, but a real test of my endurance. i can’t believe that everything i just tried on a whim actually worked.
very happy

i’m leaving for georgia in 5 days.

Happy Birthday Jen!
July 6, 2005, 11:05 am
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Check out this card I made for one of my best friends Jen. It’s a little nod to the funniest movie ever. Steel Magnolias
jen loves pork-n-beans...she eats them with everything.
I made her this wonderful toilet paper roll cozy that was designed by MK Carroll
From AboveFrom Afar
I didn’t want to crochet the whole thing because I thought the white toilet paper would show through black crochet stitches. Also, I didn’t want to knit slick acrylic with a bunch of aluminum circs so I decide to knit it flat. I ended up with WAY to much nori so there is about a 5 inch overlap on the roll. I think this adds to the authenticity of the piece, no? Hope you enjoy it Jen! And please don’t curse me for further cluttering you house.