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I’m an FOin’ Machine!
July 4, 2005, 11:00 am
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I have been going crazy trying to get all of the projects done for my best friend’s wedding. I really love to help and I certainly volunteered for it all but now I’m starting to worry that I won’t be able to get it all done. Right now I am burning the CD’s of love songs that she wants to give away at the reception. I’m on maybe 15 of 150. Thankfully I was able to pass on the labels and sleeves to Jen.
The Love Birds
I finished a lot of the jewelry for the wedding but I’m really struggling with the necklace. I started this bracelet to be the necklace but, I thought it looked a little too bulky for that so I just stopped at bracelet length.
Wedding Bracelet
I used the same beads that I used for the hairpiece but so that match really well.
Evil Eye
I don’t know how to take those beads and get them to look nice for a necklace. I was rushing myself too because I wanted to get all this shit in the mail with Jess’ birthday gift. I was already a week late as it was. So I just mailed it all off and decided to really take my time with the necklace and see if I could come up with anything. Also I wanted to make sure that this is the look that she wants so I’m waiting to get some feed back from her. I also sent off these:
Bridesmaid's Earrings
The earrings for all 5 bridesmaids. Those were pretty boring to make. Lots of crystals and and wire wraps. Lastly and pretty boring is the necklace and earrings that match her rehearsal dinner dress.
I know that they are pretty simple and not to creative but that’s what she wanted. I aim to please.

Some New Stuff
June 25, 2005, 10:51 am
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I finally got the bracelet that Marie has been bugging me for since Christmas. I had given it to her over 3 months ago but the stupid 11 dollar clasp that I bought for the damn thing wouldn’t stay fastened. At all. So I had to cut it out and replace with another 10 dollar clasp. This one is much better. Marie (My Louis Vuitton Friend) loves it and says that it looks JUST like one she saw in Tiffany’s. Hmmp! Who new I was such a trendy and stylish jeweler. Regardless, this is the third one of these that I’ve made and I’m pretty done with them. They aren’t difficult, just a little tedious and time consuming.
Mesh Bracelet
I wish the color looked a little more like sterling… as it is it kind of looks like tarnished silver. The last little thing that I wanted to post about was my Kool-Aid yarn dying experiment. I got a wool sweater from SalVal and unraveled it, tied it into hanks and tried out the tying with my newly fixed microwave.
KoolAid Yarn
I like the blue green piece the best, but of course that is the smallest hank. At least I know what colors I like now and I can do a larger batch of that if I get an itch to die something again. The yarn smells a little vinegary now but I’m planning on knitting it up and felting it so that should be taken care of.