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I’ve been busy ya’ll
March 24, 2006, 4:21 pm
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I know i haven’t shared some pics in a long ass time but my life has been nuts ya’ll. nuts. grape nuts.

i been knittin’ like a fiend…

klaralund sweater in noro silk garden. jaywalker socks in trekking xxl. and a huge as circular throw in lionbrand homespun. (muffin shown for scale.)

i finished up the lace leaf pullover…

it was hard to photograph…even with help from the muffin.
all it needs is a button

which should i use?

ok one more set of knits – i told you i was a fiend… i just got all this great yarn for xmas, and i was kinda excited, and …

i knat up this little shrug in one night! so cool. the
one-skein-wonder that actually took 2 1/2 skeins of yarn that i got at tuesday morning for 2.99 each. wool! $9 sweater! (to be fair the skeins were only 35yds each)
a great big 8″ x 5′ red scarf of cabley goodness i use 3 different red yarns held together and used the
irish hiking scarf pattern.

i’ve done some things besides knitting too. like move out of my einsie apartment and into my fly new house except maybe there were issues….

like gettin that muffin down and into the crate for the trip. actually moving all of my shit from the third floor hell-hole in my lil crv. and then unpacking it all. but hey! i got a new bedspread! and then my piece of shit closet collapsed. after 3 weeks the landlord fixed it and then yesterday i came home and found that (the pic on the right). its awesome.

i had dinner with these folks while they were down here for the disney vacay.

the roamer’s family. it was really nice to see them, i haven’t hung out with them all since i moved in ’03… it was sad though because of course it made me miss the roamer himself.

we had an 80’s suprise party for our friend jen at our new house, good times.

boozin’ it up. julia and me – you know i knitted those leg warmers myself. a bunch of slutty, drunk girls on a bed – i think maries bf called us ‘a single guy’s fantasy’

and last but not least my sweet jess came down to visit.

we took and 8 hour trip to st. pete (i really only should have taken about 3 or 4)

on the way back we stopped by to see jana, keith and the new puppy finn. the next day we went to animal kingdom to see some anymulls. then, a bird shat on jess – hilarious.

Thanksgiving in Raleigh.
November 28, 2005, 1:14 pm
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beth & jess thanksgiving 2005

i had a nice and relaxing time at jess & cory’s over my wee break and even returned home in jolly spirits – even though it was cold as ballz. our thanksgiving usually feels like a holiday for the misfits who don’t really have anywhere else to go… that means that we usually avoid family drama – and i’m all for that.

we put up some xmas decorations and hung out with like a thousand dogs (jasmine, heath, gretta, & harley – my favorite dogs to hang out with. if cricket would have been there the circle of aussies would have been complete!)

sometimes i can trick harley & gretta into posing for some pictures – they are smart though and i usually have to pretend like i’m taking a picture of something else. check out how prissy lil gretta can be!

i decided to fuck around with the different settings on my camera and see if i could get any cool shots of the tree — not that i can remember what i did in any of these pics…but none of them are cool anyway, so no loss!

so thanks for putting me up and feeding me ya’ll! i put on a solid 5 lbs. during my stay and i may not get sick from the crazy weather after all! jess, can’t thank you enough for getting up at 530 and taking me to airport – i’m pretty sure that sucked more for you than me…

I’m an FOin’ Machine!
July 4, 2005, 11:00 am
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I have been going crazy trying to get all of the projects done for my best friend’s wedding. I really love to help and I certainly volunteered for it all but now I’m starting to worry that I won’t be able to get it all done. Right now I am burning the CD’s of love songs that she wants to give away at the reception. I’m on maybe 15 of 150. Thankfully I was able to pass on the labels and sleeves to Jen.
The Love Birds
I finished a lot of the jewelry for the wedding but I’m really struggling with the necklace. I started this bracelet to be the necklace but, I thought it looked a little too bulky for that so I just stopped at bracelet length.
Wedding Bracelet
I used the same beads that I used for the hairpiece but so that match really well.
Evil Eye
I don’t know how to take those beads and get them to look nice for a necklace. I was rushing myself too because I wanted to get all this shit in the mail with Jess’ birthday gift. I was already a week late as it was. So I just mailed it all off and decided to really take my time with the necklace and see if I could come up with anything. Also I wanted to make sure that this is the look that she wants so I’m waiting to get some feed back from her. I also sent off these:
Bridesmaid's Earrings
The earrings for all 5 bridesmaids. Those were pretty boring to make. Lots of crystals and and wire wraps. Lastly and pretty boring is the necklace and earrings that match her rehearsal dinner dress.
I know that they are pretty simple and not to creative but that’s what she wanted. I aim to please.