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Happy Birthday Mandee!
November 23, 2005, 1:13 pm
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mandee & me (10th grade?)

so mandee is one of my oldest friends. she moved to hurricane and right into my best friends neighborhood in (5th?) grade. in a few short years the other girl had moved away and happily mandee and i remained close. mandee and i both lived on the poor side of town when we were growing up – the snow often trapped us over there together. our moms work for the same company. we both lived with jen in college. we taught each other how to smoke. and in high school we dated best friends 3 different times. well actually i dated the same guy 2 different times and she dated his two best friends — (not at the same time! geez!) only mandee understands: pink sexy trees, the rock, a bonfire on the basketball court, why i don’t have many pics of her prior to 9th grade, and the importance of spiral mac ‘n cheese.

So Happy 27th Mandee! Don’t you dare think of it as getting old. Your just one year closer to what we like to call 30 – “The Age of Enlightenment” where all of our fucked up lives will start to level out and make sense – and if that doesn’t happen, I QUIT!… okay?

i love ya and i’ll see you around xmas time,