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xmas gift 6
December 18, 2005, 2:09 pm
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socks for dad

opal superwash on size 0 pony pearl dpns. lichen ribbed socks from knitting vintage socks. they are a 3:1 rib that doesn’t really show up in this pic.

finally i have finished these socks. remeber this yarn jess? i knit and ripped 3 socks before i got one that was the right size. after i figured it all out i knat up the second sock in under 24 hours – a new personal best. i hated this yarn by the time i finished these socks. so plain! so ruff! so i-have-knit-5-socks-with-only-2-to-show-from-this-yarn! but then a miracle happened! i put these in the washer when i finished and all the scratchy treatment on the yarn came off and they are soooooooo soft now. so nice, and the size? perfect

The roamer= Jroam.
November 15, 2005, 1:08 pm
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socks for the roamer, to keep his feet warm as he roams farther from me than ever before…

best foot forward from knit socks!. lion brand wool ease worsted in wheat. size 3 bamboo dpns. these socks are ginormous.

November 2, 2005, 12:54 pm
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broadripple socks from knitty. size 3 dpns. cascade fixation: 2 balls. cast on 48 sts rather than 56.

finished up some socks to send mama for her birthday. they are way too funky for her and she probably won’t wear them much, but there you go. socks for the birthday.

my life is so routine right now that if i skip a step i might fall off. i hit the snooze 2 times every morning and get up at exactly 6:51. what would happen if tomorrow i only hit it once and got up at 6:42, my guess is that i would just stand in the shower in a daze for a little longer and actually not leave any earlier for work. i think that leaving for work at exactly 7:36 is part of my biorythm now. how depressing. i woke up at 6am last saturday. all of this rythmic alone time i’ve been having lately has forced me to think of things that i usually try to avoid. like where the fuck is my life going. i don’t really need/want for it to go anywhere in particular, i just want to make sure that i don’t end up somewhere (anywhere) without noticing it was happening. so this is it. this is my reality now.