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Thanksgiving in Raleigh.
November 28, 2005, 1:14 pm
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beth & jess thanksgiving 2005

i had a nice and relaxing time at jess & cory’s over my wee break and even returned home in jolly spirits – even though it was cold as ballz. our thanksgiving usually feels like a holiday for the misfits who don’t really have anywhere else to go… that means that we usually avoid family drama – and i’m all for that.

we put up some xmas decorations and hung out with like a thousand dogs (jasmine, heath, gretta, & harley – my favorite dogs to hang out with. if cricket would have been there the circle of aussies would have been complete!)

sometimes i can trick harley & gretta into posing for some pictures – they are smart though and i usually have to pretend like i’m taking a picture of something else. check out how prissy lil gretta can be!

i decided to fuck around with the different settings on my camera and see if i could get any cool shots of the tree — not that i can remember what i did in any of these pics…but none of them are cool anyway, so no loss!

so thanks for putting me up and feeding me ya’ll! i put on a solid 5 lbs. during my stay and i may not get sick from the crazy weather after all! jess, can’t thank you enough for getting up at 530 and taking me to airport – i’m pretty sure that sucked more for you than me…