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xmas gift 2
November 16, 2005, 1:09 pm
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a great big long scarf for someone male in my life. i’m not sure who this will go to yet…

6″ wide and over 6′ long. damn.

trendsetter magnolia: 4 skeins. basketweave stitch: six sets of 3 stitch/3 rows of stst & rev stst. size 8 bamboo circs.

this yarn is pretty fuckin’ cool. i found it at a discount store and couldn’t quite resist italian yarn at 50ff. it has a strand of charcoal cotton with another strand of lighter grey plasticy stuff that reminds me of recycled tire mulch. no stretch at all. my hands were literally aching by the time i finished this motherfucker.

this scarf has been on my mind for a long time. that’s why i went ahead and knat it up even though i have all kinds of xmas gifts on the needles with actual recipients in mind. when i was a wee ‘ittle one my dad taught me to crochet. i did that off & on for years and then became tired of the ‘homemade’ look of the stitch. rummaging through the coat closet at my dad’s house one winter i came across a scarf that he had made for me when i was young. it was meticulous and i was amazed that he had taken that much time to sit & think of me and knit this up. anyway, it was done the same stitch as this scarf and inspired me to learn to knit with the thought that i would one day make a scarf of the same stitch. dad didn’t teach me to knit. that goes to my mama but he did teach me to crochet and that’s pretty effin’ cool. i would give this scarf to him but i don’t think he would enjoy the novelty of this (not-at-all-warm) yarn.